Why Copper Mining in Peru is a Top Investment Destination

Why Copper Mining in Peru is a Top Investment Destination. Peru, the second largest copper producer in the world, offers a secure and stable legal framework for investors interested in copper mining. According to the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MINEM) in December 2022, copper production in Peru has experienced a 4.8% increase for the second consecutive year.

Copper is the country’s top export product, accounting for 29.5% of total Peruvian exports as of November 2022. If you are looking for investment opportunities in copper mining in Peru, this is an attractive destination that should not be overlooked.

Costs for copper production investments in Peru are lower compared to competitors such as Chile, China, Australia, and Canada.

This aligns with the Ministry of Energy and Mines’ (MINEM) projections of increased investment levels in the mining industry, with an estimated investment of over US $6,000 million between 2023 and 2025.

The Ministry of Energy and Mines (MINEM) has published the Mining Investment Project Portfolio, which includes a total of 47 mining projects for 2023, with an estimated investment of around US $53.7 billion. Of the total investment, approximately 72% will be allocated to copper production projects. If you’re looking for investment opportunities in the mining industry, Peru has an attractive project portfolio that you shouldn’t overlook.

According to the Mining and Metals Investment Guide for Peru (2023) developed by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism in conjunction with Ernst & Young Consultants, only about 0.25% of Peru’s territory has been explored, and only 1.17% is currently under exploitation, indicating great future metallurgical potential.

Peru ranks among the top countries in Latin America in the 2022 Global Competitiveness Ranking, thanks to its stable macroeconomic environment, expanding market size, developing financial system, efficient labor market, and technological readiness, among other key factors. This makes it an extremely attractive destination for investment.

Peru ranks third in the region in the 2022 Index of Economic Freedom, published by The Heritage Foundation, which assesses the economic environment and freedom of each country. This index measures countries’ ability to create and maintain an environment conducive to economic growth, entrepreneurship, and innovation. If you’re looking to invest in a country with a business-friendly environment, Peru is an excellent option.

Peru has maintained its investment-grade credit rating since Moody’s raised it to that level in December 2009, with key supporting factors for this rating being the country’s stable, credible, and consistent macroeconomic policies across multiple administrations.

Latin America is a major destination for mining exploration investments, and five countries (Mexico, Chile, Peru, Brazil, and Argentina) account for approximately 80% of the investment in the region. This is due to the enormous mining potential provided by the Andes Mountains, as well as the positive investment climate, including a competitive regulatory framework, lower operating costs, and lower energy costs.

Mining companies producing copper can present themselves as local and global actors willing to share the responsibility of the three key elements of the SDGs: people, planet, and prosperity.

Peru’s mining industry offers many advantages for investors, including a stable political and economic environment, competitive labor costs, abundant mineral resources, and a favorable legal framework.

We have a copper mine for sale in Cusco, Peru, covering an area of 200 hectares. The mine has undergone extensive geological, geochemical, and geophysical studies, including diamond drilling programs. The project has inferred resources and a proven copper and cobalt porphyry deposit, suitable for medium to large-scale open-pit mining.

Our company has established excellent community relations, and we are committed to responsible mining practices. With our proven track record and available data, this mine represents an exceptional investment opportunity in a highly prospective region for copper mining.

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