The Finest Residential Enclaves in Cusco

If you find yourself in Cusco for an extended period, whether for business or pleasure, you might be contemplating the most desirable neighborhoods for your stay. In this article, we will guide you through the Best Areas to Live in Cusco: Where Exclusivity Meets Distinction.

As many of you are aware, Cusco is no ordinary city. It was recently awarded the prestigious World’s Best Awards 2023, earning the title of the preferred travel destination in Central and South America. These accolades, presented by Travel + Leisure, a renowned American magazine headquartered in New York since 1937, solidify its status as one of the most influential travel publications globally. However, Cusco is not just a tourist haven; it boasts small residential enclaves where luxury living and optimal services converge. These residential zones are often «reserved» for entrepreneurs, professionals, and affluent individuals who have chosen to make Cusco their home.

Within these exclusive Cusco neighborhoods, you’ll discover elegant spacious residences, stunning mansions, and upscale residential complexes offering high-end apartments. In this article, we’ll shed light on some of Cusco’s most exclusive and distinguished areas, catering to various preferences based on my personal experience.

Embracing Urbanización Magisterio: An Oasis in the Heart of Cusco

Nestled in the heart of the city lies Urbanización Magisterio, a residential area renowned for its impeccable waste management and pristine gardens. In this enclave, you won’t find litter on street corners or a single blade of grass out of place in the verdant spaces.

While Cusco is generally safe compared to other coastal cities like Lima, Urbanización Magisterio stands out as an oasis of tranquility amidst the urban bustle. It offers an ideal choice for those who prioritize security and an elevated quality of life.

Meticulous design and thoughtful planning define the infrastructure of this urbanization. Its spacious roads, well-maintained sidewalks, and green areas contribute to residents’ comfort and well-being. While it may be smaller than neighborhoods like San Isidro or Miraflores in Lima, Urbanización Magisterio boasts four expansive green spaces: La Plaza Amauta, El Parque Illari, El Parque El Trébol, and Parque Magisterio 2da etapa.

For shopping enthusiasts, Urbanización Magisterio is a haven with some of the city’s finest cafés, boutique stores, bakeries, and charming shops. It caters perfectly to those who enjoy shopping without the need to visit large commercial centers. Additionally, just a few minutes away on Av. La Cultura, you’ll find some of the city’s largest clinics.

Speaking of shopping malls, the city’s largest mall, Real Plaza Cusco, is conveniently located right behind Urbanización Magisterio. No need to navigate busy streets – you can simply walk to the mall and access services like cinemas, gyms, and banks.

Urbanización Magisterio boasts a prime location – situated in the city center yet away from the touristy areas. In a mere 5-10 minute drive, you can reach the iconic Plaza de Armas of Cusco and immerse yourself in its historical richness.

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Discovering Urbanización Santa María: A Serene Haven

Situated at a considerable distance from Cusco’s Historic Center – approximately 30 minutes – and about 15 minutes from the airport, lies the enchanting Urbanización Santa María. This gem is nestled against the majestic backdrop of Apu Picol, boasting a protected natural area and spring water managed by the Santa María association.

Urbanización Santa María emerges as a true paradise for those who crave peace and serenity, valuing spacious houses with gardens over immediate access to services.

In this tranquil haven, businesses have been banished to preserve its charm and tranquility. With a minimum construction lot size of 500 square meters and strict internal regulations, the development and construction parameters are carefully controlled to ensure that this place retains its beauty – cozy homes surrounded by lush gardens, maintaining its exclusive character.

Life in Urbanización Santa María unfolds in peace and security, protected by two controlled access gates and 24-hour private surveillance.

For those seeking to establish themselves in Cusco, this urbanization offers the opportunity to have all services nearby, with schools and universities just a stone’s throw away. However, the true highlight is the chance to live in an authentic mansion with a garden, without the worry of a towering building next door. Undoubtedly, Urbanización Santa María is the ideal choice for those who yearn for an exceptional and harmonious lifestyle.

Thriving in Urbanización Larapa: Modern Comforts and Accessibility

Urbanización Larapa is a modern and vibrant neighborhood located in Cusco, Peru. Positioned approximately 25 minutes from the city’s historic center, it offers an attractive living option due to its convenient location and accessibility.

Characterized by orderly urban planning and well-paved spacious avenues, Urbanización Larapa is designed for comfort and safety, facilitating mobility and access to various points of interest.

One of the advantages of living in Urbanización Larapa is its tranquil and family-friendly environment. It is an ideal place for those seeking a peaceful and secure residential community. Moreover, the area boasts well-maintained parks and green spaces, providing areas for recreation and outdoor enjoyment.

In terms of services and amenities, Larapa features a variety of shops, supermarkets, restaurants, and other commercial establishments. This allows residents to meet their daily needs without having to travel long distances.

Another highlight of Urbanización Larapa is its educational offerings. In its vicinity, you’ll find various schools and educational centers that provide options for the education of children and youth.

For those interested in sports and recreation, nearby sports clubs and gyms offer opportunities for residents to stay active and healthy.

In summary, Urbanización Larapa in Cusco is a modern, well-planned, and welcoming residential community. With its proximity to the city center, peaceful atmosphere, and range of services, it is an attractive choice for those who seek comfortable living with all conveniences at their fingertips.

Flourishing in Wanchaq: Diversity and Convenience

Wanchaq is located to the south of the historic center and stands as one of the most populous districts in the province. It’s a diverse area within Cusco, encompassing various neighborhoods suitable for different lifestyles. Within Wanchaq, we recommend exploring Urbanización Mateo Pumacahua – centrally located, only 5 minutes from Cusco’s Historic Center. Alternatively, you might consider Urbanización Santa Mónica, a bit farther from the center but offering its own unique charm.

Wanchaq district is also a significant commercial and service hub. It houses numerous markets, shops, restaurants, and hotels. Additionally, the district is home to the National University of San Antonio Abad of Cusco.

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Unveiling the Bohemian Spirit of San Blas

San Blas, with its cozy cafés, picturesque bars, and hidden corners, extends beyond its main streets – places you probably already know. This neighborhood hides alleys that lead to small houses, some of which have transformed into charming businesses that capture the heart of any bohemian soul.

Residences in San Blas typically lack parking spaces, so you’ll need to forgo that convenience if you decide to settle here. However, in exchange, you’ll be rewarded with the most spectacular views of Cusco’s historic center and immerse yourself in a social environment where you’ll find not only neighbors but also kindred spirits from around the world. Captivated by the magical atmosphere, these souls have chosen to make Cusco their home.

I would recommend San Blas to special individuals: young couples, singles, artists of all ages or marital statuses, and truly bohemian families willing to trade some comforts for a unique and magical environment.

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