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Today we are going to answer frequently asked questions from buyers and investors who contact us to hire our Real Estate Buyer’s Agent service in Peru.

What is the Real Estate Buyer’s Agent service we offer at F2F CUSCO?

The ‘Real Estate Buyer’s Agent‘ or simply ‘Buyer’s Agent‘, depending on the country, is also known as a ‘Property Search Agent‘, ‘Real Estate Consultant‘ or ‘Real Estate Advisor‘.

In our company F2F CUSCO we are experts in the luxury real estate sector in Cusco. There is a big difference with a traditional real estate agency. We are accustomed to working directly with foreign companies or investors who request very specific products. That is why in 2021 we decided to launch our premium service: ‘Real Estate Buyer’s Agent

Traditional agencies work for the seller, seeking the best possible price for them, with shared objectives. With our ‘Real Estate Buyer’s Agent‘ service, the objective changes as we represent the buyer. We share their interests and only focus on protecting them. We search for our clients the best property possible, both on and off the market.

We listen to our buyer’s needs, and our only objective is to find the best possible property. After finding it, we continue to work and negotiate the best price and contractual conditions.

We protect the buyer, saving them money, time and legal issues, which are ultimately all concerns that exist in a sales transaction. This is the great difference when working with us.

Do we offer our Buyer’s Agent service throughout Peru?

Yes, but we must explain it better.

We offer our ‘Real Estate Buyer’s Agent‘ service in Cusco and the Sacred Valley of the Incas for any type of property. We can guarantee that we will find the best property for our client, whether they are a large investor or a small investor. Hotels, land, apartments, purchases, rentals, everything.

On the other hand, our Buyer’s Agent service in Lima or other cities in Peru is focused on medium and large investors. Our specialized personnel travels to any point in Peru, but we work in direct collaboration with our specialized real estate contacts in each city. This network of contacts allows us to find the best properties.

The jobs that we accept as Property Search Agent outside of Cusco are based on requests for complete buildings, hotels, large plots of land for a specific purpose, or buyers looking for mining operations.

What criteria should be considered when selecting a Real Estate Buyer’s Agent in Peru?

Peru is not an easy country to do business in as a general rule. There is no regulation for many services, or if it exists, in many cases it is not enforced.

If you are looking for a Real Estate Buyer’s Agent in Peru, the minimum you should ask for is their registration number in the Peruvian Ministry of Housing. This does not guarantee the experience or ethical quality of the person or company, but at least you know they work formally.

In our company F2F CUSCO, we guarantee the buyer client to work with real estate professionals throughout Peru and these people or companies are of our absolute trust. We are the ones who directly provide coverage to these professionals and are personally involved in the operations to ensure the safety and success of our clients’ investments.

How is the cost of the Real Estate Buyer’s Agent service determined?

There is no specific budget with which you can hire our services. It will depend on the difficulty in the search, the type of property, and the type of contract being sought.

For example, we often work with natural persons, companies, and investment funds that hire us to buy hotels or entire buildings. This type of investment requires a very good choice, and there are many reasons why they hire us.

However, we also work with young couples or individuals who want to make a small investment in Cusco, for whom this investment will be the most important of their life, and they prefer to leave the search and negotiation in the hands of professionals.

The question you need to ask yourself is whether the process is important to you, if the purchase is important, and if you require protection.

Does the Real Estate Buyer’s Agent service focus on serving foreign clients?

Our service was initially focused on foreign companies and clients. We found that unfortunately, these types of clients in Cusco often encountered various inconveniences and paid excessively high prices for properties.

Naturally, we also encountered national clients who, despite not being accustomed to paying for this type of service, due to their personal, professional, and demanding profile, liked to work with us.

Now, in 2023, the client base we work with is a bit more balanced. 70% of our clients are still foreigners, but there is a 30% of national buyers (individuals and companies) who choose us to optimize their investment.

Does the Real Estate Buyer’s Agent service seek investment opportunities?

Not exactly. What we are looking for is the best property for each client and with the best possible conditions, always in benefit of our buying client. Of course, based on our experience, market opportunities sometimes arise.

How long does it take to find a suitable property for each client?

It’s difficult to give an exact time. It depends on the type of property, but our goal is always to save time for our clients. We work with an average search time of 3 months. However, it depends a lot on the complexity of the search. Sometimes it takes 2 weeks, and for large properties (usually special requests from companies), our search, and especially negotiation, can last up to 7 months.

Where do we search for properties in Peru?

We have contacts in all regions of Peru, with trusted professionals and companies, so it depends a lot on where the buying client wants to make their investment.

In Lima, for example, we work with more professionals than in Iquitos or Trujillo. In any case, we believe we are the best option to search for properties anywhere in Peru. We don’t just pick up the phone and wait.

Is it a guaranteed service?

We work with demanding clients who are looking for complex properties. If we commit, it’s because we know we’re going to find the investment they need.

We guarantee that we only work with qualified real estate professionals with enough experience to handle complex properties.

At our company F2F CUSCO, we provide support to these professionals from start to finish. Total commitment to the buying client is essential to offer this type of service, and if the work is not possible, we simply reject it before starting.

Is this a good time to invest in Peru?

Peru is a country with a highly institutionalized economy. Despite the political situation the country is going through, the institutionalization of the Peruvian economy in macroeconomic terms remains.

The economic growth prospects for 2023 are still very positive compared to other Latin American countries.

Furthermore, it is a good time to negotiate. We have just gone through a complex period due to the pandemic and the latest political events, and this gives us a greater margin when negotiating with sellers.

How can I stay updated on real estate investment in Peru?

There is no magic formula. Through our blog , we try to keep our clients informed about future investment trends in Peru, especially in Cusco.

You can also call or write to us and schedule a virtual or face-to-face meeting to discuss this. We are always willing to talk and help.

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