Prospects for Hotel Investment in Cusco: 2024

Over the past forty years, Cusco has maintained a prominent position as one of the leading hotel destinations in Latin America. This city, nestled in the majestic Andean mountains of Peru, has been a magnet for travelers from around the world, drawn both by Machu Picchu and the mystique of its ancient Inca ruins, as well as by the richness of its contemporary cultural life. In this article, we will explore the hotel investment opportunities in Cusco for the year 2024, considering both the past of the hotel industry in the region and future projections.

The consistent growth in hotel occupancy in Cusco dates back to its designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982. Since then, the city has experienced an exponential increase in tourist arrivals, establishing itself as one of the main tourist destinations in Latin America. In the year 2000, Cusco received approximately 250,000 visitors, a figure that skyrocketed to 790,000 in 2019, with a hotel occupancy rate exceeding 70%. However, this upward trend was abruptly interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The recovery of the hotel market in Cusco has been a gradual and continuous process, evidencing a notable increase in recent months. During the year 2022, the average hotel occupancy rate in the city reached 30%, representing a 50% growth compared to the previous year.

Hotel occupancy in the city of Cusco managed to reach 50% by the end of 2023, and the projected increase according to the Camara Hotelera de Cusco is expected to reach 70% for the current year 2024. This represents a total recovery, reaching occupancy levels similar to those before the pandemic. These positive prospects offer a favorable scenario for hotel investment in Cusco in the year 2024.

Investment Projects

An ambitious plan of 133 projects has been outlined to enhance infrastructure and public services in Cusco, with a total investment exceeding S/ 6 billion. These projects span across various sectors including healthcare, tourism, education, sanitation, transportation, and economic development, aiming to foster sustainable growth in the region and enhance the quality of life for its residents.

The plan encompasses diverse financing modalities, including public-private partnerships and tax-funded initiatives. During the «Cusco Invests» event, the Regional Government of Cusco unveiled 92 projects valued at S/ 4.43 billion, while the Provincial Municipality of Cusco presented 41 projects valued at S/ 1.578 billion.

In the realm of projects aimed at boosting the tourism sector, ongoing initiatives include the construction of the Chinchero International Airport, the Machu Picchu tunnel, the Choquequirao Cable Car, and a Convention Center in Cusco. These investments are poised to drive economic and touristic development in the region, enhancing the experience for both visitors and residents alike.

Investment opportunities in the hotel sector in Cusco are now more abundant than ever.

Over the past few years, we have witnessed a stagnation in the sale of hotels in Cusco due to the uncertainty generated by the pandemic and the slow recovery that has followed. However, this period of pause has led to the accumulation of a large stock of hotels for sale in the region, many of which offer privileged locations and attractive prices.

It is important to note that these hotels for sale are not simply distressed properties, but establishments with a proven track record of success and a solid reputation in the industry. Many of them are located in strategic locations, close to Cusco’s main tourist attractions, making them highly desirable investments.

Furthermore, the current offering of hotels for sale in Cusco presents a variety of options for all budgets and investment strategies. Whether you are looking to acquire a small boutique hotel or a larger property with expansion potential, there are opportunities available to meet your needs and investment objectives.

The time to act and capitalize on this unique opportunity is now. At F2F CUSCO, we have an experienced team in the Peruvian hotel industry and local market knowledge, and we can guide you through the acquisition process to ensure that you make the most of your investment in Cusco.

We would like to share with you our comprehensive dossier of hotels for sale in Cusco and the Sacred Valley for the year 2024. Our team has compiled a carefully curated selection of properties that represent some of the best investment opportunities in the region. We look forward to working together to make your investment goals a reality!

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