En venta mina de Oro en el departamento de Ancash, Perú.

Con análisis y certificados.


For sale Gold mine in Ancash, Peru.
With analysis and certificates.


«The preliminary economic results are commented below:

The total annual direct operating cost is US 1’611,087 and the annual production value US $ 4’973,262, leaving US $ 3’362,175 as net margin. The net income is equivalent to 67.6 % of total Capital Cost. The annual net income will be reduced to 4,594,438 when the Au and Ag metal prices are reduced to US $ 37.5/gr. Au and Ag to US $ 22.5/oz., reducing net sales to capital cost index of 60 % that are still favorable to continue with this project but requiring formal evaluation using DCF procedure that is shown later.

In the case that the Au and Ag metal prices are further reduced to US 35.0/gr. and US $ 21.0/oz., the annual net margin will be reduced to US $ 4’216,480 that is equivalent to 52.35 % of total CAPEX, maintaining the interest in the execution of this project but a basic factor on decision would be to obtain formal quotation from concentrates buyers in satisfactory terms.»


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