2050 Forecast: Copper Demand to Triple Globally

Recent Rumbo a PERUMIN Conference: «Decarbonization and Energy Transition»

At the recent Rumbo a PERUMIN conference, titled “Decarbonization and Energy Transition,” Pamela Florián, General Manager of Hatch Peru, announced that global copper demand is expected to triple by 2050. She also highlighted that Peru accounts for 10% of the world’s copper production.

Florián emphasized that the mining and metals sector in Latin America faces the challenge of increasing production to meet the growing demand for critical metals, essential for the energy transition. Besides Peru, other countries in the region that can seize this opportunity include Chile, with its production of lithium, silver, and copper; Brazil, with nickel, tin, and lithium; and Argentina, with silver and lithium. Specifically, lithium demand is expected to multiply by 16 by 2050, although Peru is not yet a significant producer of this mineral, unlike other countries in the region.

The expert also pointed out that mining operations must accelerate their processes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. She stated that decarbonization requires visionary leadership and a cultural shift focused on operational sustainability. In this regard, she highlighted the importance of electrifying underground mines and noted that there are already mines worldwide operating under this premise. She also recommended reducing emissions from trucks used in open-pit mining through advanced technological solutions.

Pamela Florián outlined the challenges of decarbonizing the mining sector, classifying them into three categories: technological evaluation, project economics and financing, and regulatory and political environment. Regarding technological evaluation, she mentioned that expectations do not always align with the capability and performance in implementation. In the economic sphere, she highlighted that the high costs of decarbonizing brownfield sites are not offset by green incentives. As for the regulatory environment, she noted that while the United States and Europe lead green investments driven by subsidies and government incentives, uncertainty in support policies can delay decisions on decarbonization projects.

Finally, she emphasized the region’s environmental commitments and climate action, noting that Peru aims to reduce its emissions by 30% by 2030 compared to 2015 levels. She also underscored the approval of the green hydrogen law in Peru, which seeks to promote research, development, production, commercialization, and use of green hydrogen as an energy source and fuel.

Investment Opportunity: Copper Mine for Sale in Cusco, Peru

At F2F CUSCO, we present an exciting investment opportunity in the copper mining sector. We offer a copper mine for sale in the Cusco region, Peru, which promises significant potential and outstanding advantages.

Key Data:

  • Studies on hydrothermal alterations reveal the presence of iron (Fe) and copper (Cu) oxides at a 1:50000 scale.
  • Detailed collection of geological, petromineralogical, geochemical, and geophysical information.
  • The project is backed by geological, geochemical, and geophysical studies.
  • Availability of inferred resources in the project.

Additional Comments:

  • Excellent community relations and willingness to collaborate.

This is a unique opportunity to be part of a project with exciting potential in the mining sector. If you are interested in obtaining more information about this investment opportunity in the copper mine located in Cusco, Peru, please contact us today!

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